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Ultra-fast hosting with outstanding support

Personally Managed

Our customers love us because we handle their websites while they focus on growing their business. As a small, independent hosting provider we deliver Personal Management. Managing the power, network, hardware, software, databases, security and ensuring the speed of your websites is outstanding.

Proactive monitoring

Servers are monitored every minute, websites every 10 seconds. Should an issue arise engineers looking after your services will investigate and repair – most times without you knowing anything was wrong. If your site is not responding as fast as it should an engineer will investigate and remedy.

Optimised for Performance

Performance is a key part of our service. We optimise everything from the webservers to the network and everything in-between. This means your sites will perform much faster than ever before. Fast websites help improve customer satisfaction, together with higher conversions.

99.99% Uptime

By employing “sorry” servers, should your server be unavailable (eg. during maintenance) these servers display customised sites. Every domain can have its own custom “sorry” site, and if it doesn’t then a generic maintenance page is displayed.

Malware Protection

Employing next-generation security means detection and quarantine of Malware in real-time. Highly effective machine learning technology processes information on a global scale, using insights collected from servers all over the world.

JetBackup every 4 hours

JetBackup performs a backup every 4 hours. Forty two of these are kept for one week. Daily backups are kept for seven days, weekly backups are kept for twenty eight days, monthly backups are kept for one year and yearly backups are rotated each year.

About Us

We have over 20 years of experience

As a small, independent hosting provider we take care of all your needs regarding your websites with the personal touch. Our services run on cutting-edge technology and our Personal Support with over 20 years of experience is second to none.
Our reputation as a first-class provider is built upon a first-class service that maintains a 100% availability record based on checks every minute – that’s 1440 check each and every day. More importantly, these checks are carried out by an independent company called

Check our availability record at Alerta

High quality and highly available hosting does not mean cutting corners – anywhere. You don’t achieve rock solid and secure hosting through buying hardware on eBay, using second-hand servers, or sub-server grade equipment. To maintain the highest levels of performance and security means investing in top of the range equipment.

Core routing is performed by Juniper MX960’s configured in a fully redundant pair with dual power supplies. Together with Cisco StackWise switches means we offer our customers unparalleled levels of availability – the kind of levels businesses expect. We offer only the very best hosting money can buy. With internet connectivity from NTT, GTT, Level 3 and Virgin Media. Our customers know their sites are always available and are always performing at their very best.

All hardware is hosted in NTT's Centro. Centro is based on a modular design concept, where power, air-conditioning, and communications equipment are flexibly expandable and the level of redundancy can be independently set for each server room.

Network, Infrastructure and Hardware

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